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Russell Refuge
Billie / 5 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Charley / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Cricket / 1.5 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
James Brown / 2 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
James Brown
Jetro / 8 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Kimbo / 5 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Pilot / 3 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Rocky 3 / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Rocky 3
Scooby / 9 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Sparks II / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Sparks II
Star / 7 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Willie / 4 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier

2010 Northgate Trial

Tack Family
Erin, Sue, Doug, Greg Tack
Refuge Volunteers/tent
Refuge Volunteers
Try-it donations
Donated Goods for Refuge
Roseanne and Whitey - Refuge supporters
Roseanne and Whitey Cox
Willow (Rescue)
Lucky (Rescue)
Ilene (Volunteer)
Laura Donegan and Avery

Northgate Terrier Trial Supports the Russell Refuge

Sept 10, 2010 - We don't know if there is another small rescue organization in the US that is as blessed as ours with such a large network of loyal supporters. This past Labor Day weekend proved to us once again how lucky our Refuge Jack Russell Terriers are. At Northgate Farm in New Jersey, the Tack family held their annual Jack Russell Terrier trials and used their event to act as a fundraiser for the Refuge. WOW what an event. This is the 3rd year that the Tacks have so kindly and generously supported the Refuge at their trial. A couple of special people came through with amazing support with one such donation in memory of the Tacks' beloved terriers who crossed that rainbow bridge and another supporter donated in honor of the work Dale has done for the past 20 years for the breed in rescue.


The "Try-It" option brought in an accumulation of treats from exhibitors to reward the Refuge Jack Russell Terriers for their patience waiting for their forever home, and also an array of toys to satisfy the most discriminating dog with many hours of pleasure this winter. Several of the Refuge terriers (see pictures of Avery, Lucky, Willow, Jake, Ruby and Shiloh) came to the trials to participate and not only took home some ribbons but did a fine job of representing the Refuge in agility, barn hunt, racing, lure coursing as well as go to ground. What fun for the dogs to partake in such activities!! The Refuge had two booths where we had terrier info, t-shirts, charms and an array of cards and holiday goodies for people to buy and thus to support the terriers in NY. The Hemsing family will be at the Nationals in October in Gettysburg, PA - so come and visit the Refuge booth there too for your Christmas cards and gifts.

We had blustery warm weather from the passing tropical storm but did notice that fall is in the air - trees are turning color, it's nippy at nighttime and the spunk has returned to those terriers catching the cool breezes. But please take note that with winter approaching, if there is anything we are still in need of it is rubber backed bath mats. If you were looking for something to get the terriers this is the time we could use to line our crates for winter sleeping. Also fleeces - we have worn all those out that have come to the Refuge over the last couple of years and would appreciate anyone willing to send some to the Refuge for snuggling in their beds.

We have done quite a bit of adopting out this late summer, Dale has been busy taking in many needy Jack Russell Terriers, but so many great characters have found their forever homes as well. The numbers continue to increase exponentially, but the dogs have been a wonderful batch of fun loving active terriers - their downfall for being surrendered because they are - too active. Dale will have an update on Gibbs soon and we will continue to let you know how we make out this fall with winter preparations - it seems to have come awfully soon. Thanks again to all of you who continue to check in and keep up with the Refuge doings - we're getting ready for winter, the coats have all been washed and mended and the dogs are hoping for a Christmas with homes for all - with many thanks to you all, the Refuge Volunteers.

Russell Refuge, Inc. 501(c)(3) Status

Russell Refuge, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations made to Russell Refuge are tax-deductible to the contributor. Donations can be made by Pay Pal on this site or by check payable to Russell Refuge, Inc. and sent to:

PO Box 725
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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