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Rocky 3
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Sparks II
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Miles Picture Gallery


My name is Miles and I am 6 months old. I am a special needs Jack Russell who needed leg surgery - here is my story.

Latest update: January 16, 2010

Hi, my name is Miles and I am a 6-month-old smooth coat Jack Russell pup that was hit by a car and then dropped off at a rescue that is unable to help me because they are so small. The nice rescue lady in MD contacted the Refuge and they are going to help me. I guess the Refuge supporters are going to help me too!!! I will stay in MD until after my surgery and until I am healed enough to travel.

The Refuge is stepping in to pay for my leg surgery, which requires the repair of my broken femur bone, and to find me that forever JRT home. As you can see from my picture, I hurt pretty bad. I know I look pretty sad but I am not very comfortable. I was pretty brave though. The leg was fixed on Thursday, July 23 so that I can be a real puppy when I am healed. I love other dogs, even seem to like the cats my current foster mom has, so I am a real easy going puppy who wants to play, and I love everything that crosses my path.

I am asking for your help to pay for the $1,900 surgery to make me whole again so I will not go through life with a bum leg. I can't let this heal on its own, which what would have happened had the Refuge not stepped in, but then I would have not had the wherewithal to be a REAL Jack Russell puppy and I can't pass that up. If you can help the Refuge with my surgical expenses that would be great. I'll keep you up to date on my puppy antics and have them take some pictures of me when I am happy again. Thanks so much, Miles.

Progress Reports

January 16, 2010 - Miles is doing very well... look at him enjoying a romp on the beach and being held close by his new owners. If it had not been for all of you who contributed to his surgery, Miles would not have found his forever home. We took the chance and you supported us in our quest to help. Thank you ALL for helping us help Miles. This would never have happened without all of YOU!!!!

November 7, 2009 - Miles was adopted today! He is a very happy terrier and is already adored by his new family. We wish him well and would like to thank everyone for helping Miles.

October 31, 2009 - Miles is recuperating well but had some complications during surgery. His neutering proved more complicated and required major abdominal surgery. He recuperates slowly, and is now more active on his leg, albeit still cautious, he will need to lead a life of controlled play and vigilance so that he can continue to thrive as he is now. His young female JRT roomie is a handful and certainly keeps him energized and busy, and showing that he has a LOT of patience - a great dog with other dogs, but full of life and energy and will keep anyone happy and active. Soon we hope he will be available for adoption - to a home with a fence and another dog to keep him happy.

October 10, 2009 - Miles is doing very well since his surgery. He had a slight set back recently when he did a little too much on the leg and then was neutered. Turned out he had one testicle retained, so that required abdominal surgery.

Miles is now on the mend and is hard to keep down. He has a little female playmate that he enjoys romping with, eats like a piggy and really needs a home. Some dear friends of ours wanted to adopt him, but they have 6 dogs already and really like to compete in racing and lure coursing. The veterinarian advised that Miles not be a competing dog and that a "quieter" home might be more appropriate. So we are looking for the perfect home.

  • Fenced yard (high) because Miles can jump out or climb the average fence.
  • Someone home most of the time.
  • Someone with a good deal of patience, as Miles is not housetrained and is a bouncy dog.
  • A spayed female friend that will put up with his antics.
  • Someone who just wants a pet.
  • No cats
  • Kind children could be okay if supervised with the dog.

Thanks for asking about Miles!

August 9, 2009 - Miles is going to be picked up to come to the Refuge on Tuesday, August 11th. His staples came out the week of August 3rd and the vet was pleased with his healing and the result of the surgery. Miles will still have to have 6 weeks of crate rest so that he heals properly. Only short leash walks will be allowed.

Miles will have another x-ray after his crate rest and then we'll see if he can start to slowly lead a normal life with lots of zoomies and ball chasing!!! Miles will have his picture taken as soon as he has arrived safely at the Refuge. He has quite a long car journey still ahead of him. We want to thank Candy who took him in and contacted us for help and for the chance Miles will have to lead a life with a forever home once he is up for adoption.

Russell Refuge, Inc. 501(c)(3) Status

Russell Refuge, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations made to Russell Refuge are tax-deductible to the contributor. Donations can be made by Pay Pal on this site or by check payable to Russell Refuge, Inc. and sent to:

Russell Refuge, Inc.
PO Box 725
Attn: Donation for Miles
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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