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Buddy's Story

Buddy Picture Gallery


My name is Buddy and I am 7 years old. I am a special needs Jack Russell mix who needs cataract surgery - here is my story.

Latest update: October 31, 2009


I was thrown from a moving vehicle and my current foster mom stopped her car and picked me up from the side of the road and took me home. She took good care of me, gave me my shots, had me neutered and I moved several times with her while she was trying to find me a home. Sadly I had more bad luck and while I was in a fenced area some children threw rocks at me and damaged my eye. I am now blind in that eye. The vet checked the pressure on it and it is OK for now. However, my other eye has a cataract in it and if I go blind in that one before I get a new home, it will be difficult for me to learn my surroundings and get to know what my new home is like. If I have surgery, then my eye will be OK and I can wait until someone comes to take me home.

I am a very happy dog and I love to play. I am cautious to make sure you are kind. I like other dogs but I would rather not have any children in my life anymore - you can see why I think. Oh, and no cats either!!! I am very good alone and am housetrained and obedient. I am a mix and I am pretty sure I have some Chihuahua in me which I think makes me unique. The Refuge said they would help me since I do have Jack Russell in me.

The surgery has to be done by a specialist so it is REALLY expensive - they told us $2,500 - yikes. So I am asking if you would please help the Refuge pay for my surgery so I can have that done soon before it is too late and then if you would like to adopt me too that would be even better.

All the volunteers at the Refuge are waiting for you to write in and tell them you want to help - our charm creator Leslie is making a special gift for those who do send in some help, and then do please also put in an application to adopt me. I love to cuddle, give kisses and I love walks and ball playing - I sound like a pretty cool little dog, huh? We'll wait to hear from you - in the meantime my foster mom can keep me only until July so hurry in and adopt me!!! See you at the Refuge - Buddy

Progress Reports

October 31, 2009 - Buddy has been cleared by Dr. Ringle as his eye is now healed and 100 percent okay. He is a funny, quirky little dog. Six years old, totally house trained, loves to go for walks, starting to play now, he is fine alone (quiet), apartment living is fine, loves belly rubs and frogs!! Buddy would be best in a home with a single woman that he can bond to. He is a cat chaser, so outdoor cats only and only female dogs. Buddy is now available for adoption.

July 25, 2009 - Here's another Buddy Chapter... Buddy went back for his recheck yesterday... Dr. Ringle said that all was looking great and that his eyesight is very clear. We can cut down many of the eye drops, down to 2 instead of 3 and less times per day, plus his oral med is down to every other day. He has to wear his collar one more week, until all the sutures are out. Today, he had a visitor... our friends Stacy and Phil who want to offer him a forever home, ( he has one more family to meet...not that we are being fussy or anything ... LOL). We bought him a new frog toy today at Cherry Brook and we went chasing blue birds. All in all a really nice Buddy kind of day!!!

July 22, 2009 - Buddy has taken the final step towards his recuperation and to a safe and happy life. Buddy's surgery was successfully completed in NJ the third week in July and now he is healing. We can't thank the longtime Refuge supporters enough, the vet duo Doug and Sue Tack, who so very kindly are fostering Buddy while in NJ. He was with them for a few weeks while awaiting his operation so he did not have to be at the Refuge in the kennels, and are now nursing him back to health after his operation.

Buddy has been in their home, part of their pack, getting the taste of the good life, and is now being pampered like a baby while he heals. Buddy's surgery was very successful, but the surgeon in NJ told us that it was in the NICK of time. The retina of his eye had already started to detach and any delay would have rendered the eye permanently blind. He is thus a fortunate dog who will have the eyesight of his right eye forever. Buddy will be interviewing two prospective homes that have applied to adopt him in NJ and we will soon hear from the Tacks as to who the lucky person is who will be the best match as Buddy's forever home. He has wormed his way into everyone's heart, at the clinic where all the vets and techs said he was the greatest little dude and they all appreciated how stoic he was despite his painful disability. BUT no longer, he is on his way to a forever home with an eye as good as new. All this could never have been done without the help of all of you who so kindly reached into your hearts to help Buddy and to the Tacks who took him into their home to care for him while awaiting his forever family. We hope to post a picture of Buddy in his new home soon, so please stay tuned. Thank you all for your quick and loving response to our request for help. Another Refuge Jack thanks you!!!!

June 13, 2009 - We are pleased and excited to announce that we have raised all the money necessary for Buddy's cataract surgery - wow. Thank you one and all. And it is all happening next week in New Jersey - more on that later. BUT FIRST we want to tell you a story as to how it all happened. The Refuge got a query e-mail the other day from Ms. N. who asked how much we still needed to raise to complete our fund drive for Buddy - our reply was that there was still quite a large sum necessary to make it all happen. She proceeded to tell us on the phone that she would be sending a check for the balance. We protested and told her we could not accept such a large amount of money but a smaller amount would make us so very grateful. She insisted and said she wanted to donate to "pass it on" and explained her reason why. We want to share this story with you.

Ms. N. had many many years ago loaned a friend some money, quite a large sum, and had never gotten her money back. She lost a dear friend on account of this, but she soon let it rest. Then a few days ago she got a check for this large amount of money in the mail from the borrower - no note, just a check. Ms. N. is on social security and does not have much money, but decided to donate it to her local food bank that was having its share of financial troubles and thus to help others in need. The Refuge thus agreed that it SHOULD go to the food bank and not to Buddy, but she said she had to finish her story. Ms. N. consequently spoke to her neighbors, an elderly couple also on social security but making ends meet better than others. They told her that they had received a check from the government to help the elderly in their state and that she too would be receiving this check. Her neighbors told her that they were going donate it to the local food bank to help those in need. Ms. N. said she then had a brilliant idea, how she could pass it on to ALL in need. "I thought I will donate MY government check to the food bank, like my neighbor, and then I am able to donate enough to cover the remaining amount needed for Buddy's surgery from the other check I unexpectedly got in the mail. I never thought I would get it back, so I would rather pass it on so then a good deed can be passed on by the Refuge and on and on. Good will come of it, let the chain continue."

Ms. N. also told us about her JRT, the one she made a promise to, that it would be an only Jack Russell, that way so many of these dogs seem to like it best - to be the THE ONE in our lives.

We want to thank Ms. N. and all of you who so very very generously contributed to our surgery bank - every amount was a gift for Buddy, and gratefully accepted. The donation amount is not of importance, it all added up for the good of the dog, making it all possible for Buddy to see again - to enjoy his life in safety and pain free. Every donation no matter how small is an act of kindness; it keeps the chain going. This is the chain we all contribute to when we open our hearts and give in so many ways, not only with a dollar, but also with our time, our energy and our kindness. Thank you all for being there for the Refuge Jacks Russells, for helping us help those in need. And like Ms. N. please pass it on - so that all can be helped.

Buddy's New Jersey adventure begins Saturday June 13 and we'll update you on that next week. Stay tuned for the successful end to this story. With much happiness, all the volunteers at the Refuge.

May 27, 2009 - Buddy went on his fabulous ride to the eye specialist last Friday and the news is good. His eye is still in good condition and not damaged behind the cataract, so surgery is feasible and will correct his vision back to normal in his one eye. Now we need to raise the funds. We are going to get a second opinion for the cost of the surgery from another eye specialist in CT as the NY vet is more than we expected. When Buddy comes to the Refuge in July we will take a longer car ride to the vet in CT and see if we can have it done for less. We are hoping to take some pictures soon so that all can see dear Buddy in his finest - don't forget Buddy is hoping someone will adopt him - please consider this little mix as part of your family and bring him into your heart. He needs to know that there is someone special out there for him - we'll update Buddy's story again soon. Thank you for all your continued help.

April 20, 2009 - Buddy has his first appointment at the eye specialist in New York City on May 15. At that time we should find out what his prognosis is and what we can do to best make Buddy comfortable and give him a long and healthy life. Thanks to all for the support we have been getting. Because of your generosity we were able to make this initial appointment to see what further steps need to be taken. Buddy will update all of you to let you know what the next steps will be. He hopes to send you more pictures as well - cross your fingers. Buddy gets to ride in a taxi to go to the appointment - how fun is that?

Russell Refuge, Inc. 501(c)(3) Status

Russell Refuge, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations made to Russell Refuge are tax-deductible to the contributor. Donations can be made by Pay Pal on this site or by check payable to Russell Refuge, Inc. and sent to:

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Attn: Donation for Buddy
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