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Russell Refuge
The Refuge terriers have been moved to Jacks Galore Rescue in Massachusetts.

The Russell Refuge closed on July 16, 2017

After 40 years and over 1,000 Jack Russell terriers rescued, our executive director Dale Mountan has retired and the Rhinebeck Russell Refuge has closed. Effective July 16, 2017, the doors have been shuttered. All of us want to thank Dale for her heroic service in rescue and all of you who have supported and stood by her in friendship through the years.

Our partner Jacks Galore in western Massachusetts is helping out to place the remaining Jack Russell Terriers. If you are interested in adopting or fostering we ask that you please reach out to Pauline Clark at Jacks Galore (


Dale Mountan and Refuge terriers Dale Mountan
Russell Refuge
The Rescue Dogs

Bewildered by their twist of fate
Watchful for the one they call their own
Ears cocked in hope of the familiar step
That will not come to take them home.

Remnants of a busy world
Where circumstance of why or how
Eludes them in their present plight
Confused... by broken human vow.

There are causes and becauses
When there's no love left to share
Yet they find within their golden hearts
Forgiveness... for us there.

A new hand now extended
Renews trust lost in happenstance
And dog along with humankind
Blessed...with another chance.

By Dale Mountan

Nobody's Dog
He's Nobody's Dog... brave spirit aching
A heart worn and heavy
There for the taking

No religion has he, nor knows how to pray
Yet his faith could shame man's
ln it's own humble way

ln graceful abidance... accepting his plight
Holding hope in his heart
He concedes all to life

He seeks in each face a kind-hearted glance
ln earnest and yearning
For one promising chance

He'll wait on and on, though long it may seem
While he's Somebody's Dog
Each night... in his dreams

By Dale Mountan
© 2018    Russell Refuge, Inc.